Johan Inger - Choreographer

Johan Inger made his breakthrough as a choreographer in 1995 after a very successful dancing career at the Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT). Inger’s choreographies have won numerous prestigious awards. Between 2003 and 2008 he was the artistic director of the Cullberg Ballet. Since autumn 2009 he holds the position as Associate Choreographer with NDT. Continue reading

The Swede Johan Inger (Stockholm, 1967) had his dance training at the Royal Swedish Ballet School and at the National Ballet School in Canada. From 1985 to 1990 he danced with the Royal Swedish Ballet in Stockholm, the last year performing as a soloist. Fascinated by the works of Kylián, Inger was convinced that the next step in his dance career should take him to Nederlands Dans Theater. In 1990 the hour had come. He joined Nederlands Dans Theater I and was a high-profile dancer in this company until 2002.

Johan Inger

When Inger tried his hand at Nederlands Dans Theater’s annual Choreography Workshops (now Switch), Jiří Kylián noticed his talent for choreography. After four workshop pieces Inger was asked in 1995 to make his first choreography for Nederlands Dans Theater II. The resulting Mellantid marked his official debut as a choreographer. It was part of the Holland Dance Festival and was immediately a resounding success. It brought him the Philip Morris Finest Selection Award 1996 in the Contemporary Dance category. In 2001 Mellantid was nominated for the Laurence Olivier Award in the Best New Dance Production category.

Since his debut, Inger has made various works for Nederlands Dans Theater. For his ballets Dream Play and Walking Mad he received the Lucas Hoving Production Award in October 2001. Walking Mad as it was later performed by Cullberg Ballet was awarded the Danza & Danza’s Award 2005. Inger himself was nominated by the VSCD Dance Panel for the Golden Theatre Dance Prize 2000 and received the Merit Award 2002 of Stichting Dansersfonds ’79.

Inger left Nederlands Dans Theater for the artistic leadership of Cullberg Ballet in 2003. Over the next comming five years he made various choreographies for this company: Home and Home, Phases, In Two, Within Now, As if, Negro con Flores and Blanco. His most recent work was Point of eclipse (2007) at Cullberg Ballet’s 40th anniversary. In the summer of 2008 Inger stopped as artistic leader for Cullberg Ballet so as to devote himself entirely to choreography. In February 2009 he produced ‘Position of Elsewhere’ for Cullberg Ballet. As of season 2009-2010, Inger is ‘associate choreographer’ for Nederlands Dans Theater. In this function, he created ‘Dissolve in This’ in October 2009 and Tone Bone Kone in september of 2010.

Johan Inger is an established and renowened choreographer whoms work are on the repertoare of companies around the world such as:

Netherlands Dance Theatre, Cullberg Ballet, Gothenburg Ballet, Monte Carlo Ballet, Basel Ballet, Hannover Ballet, Hubbard Street Dance, Dresden Semper Ballet, Ballet du Rhin, Finnish National Ballet among others.

Johan Inger choreographies:

  • Mellantid: 1995 NDT 2
  • Sammanfall: 1996 NDT 2
  • Round Corners: 1997 NDT 2
  • Livnära: 1997 NDT 1
  • Couple of Moments: 1998 NDT 3
  • Hurry Slowly: 1999 NDT 1
  • Among Others: 2000 NDT 1
  • Dream Play: 2000 NDT2
  • Arcimboldo: 2000  NDT
  • Walking Mad: 2001  NDT 1
  • So Now Then: 2002 NDT 1
  • Out of Breath: 2002  NDT 2
  • Home and Home: 2002  Cullberg Ballet
  • Pneuma: 2003  NDT 1
  • Phases: 2003   Cullberg Ballet
  • Within Now: 2004  Cullberg Ballet
  • As If: 2005  Cullberg Ballet
  • Negro con Flores: 2005  Cullberg Ballet
  • Empty House: 2005  Cullberg Ballet
  • Blanco: 2006  Cullberg Ballet
  • Point of Eclips: 2007  Cullberg Ballet
  • Position of Elsewhere: 2008   Cullberg Ballet
  • Dissolve in This: 2009  NDT 1 & 2
  • Falter: 2010  Gothenburg Ballet
  • Tone Bone Kone: 2010  NDT 1

Some Works

Falter 2010


"Falter" describes a world where nothing is constant; a world that appears to be constantly changing shape. Continue reading

Where we are forced to always adjust to the external and internal changes, where we must constantly start anew, be taking off. Where things accelerate until the only point that remains is a resting point.

Through change, conflict, harmony, individuality and that which is in unison, “Falter” is seeking a kind of acceptance.

Falter is dedicated to the choreographer Per Jonsson (1956-1998).

  • Choreography, Set and Costume design: Johan Inger
  • Light: Erik Berglund
  • Music: Alva Noto, Lars Åkerlund, Stefan Levin
  • Worldpremiere: Gothenburg Ballet
  • 45 min

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