Johan Inger - Choreographer

As if 2005

As if

"As if," which premiered in 2005, is Johan Inger’s fourth work for the Cullberg Ballet. Continue reading

“As if” draws on thoughts and ideas about the nature of mankind and how we relate to each other and our surroundings. “As if” is about the cycle of life and different phases in life. The course of events is affected by the wall, which dictates the space and the dancers. The wall represent something inevitable – no one yet can stop time from having its course.

  • Choreography: Johan Inger
  • Dramaturgy: Franka Gebert
  • Set, costume: Mylla Ek
  • Light: Erik Berglund
  • Music: Stefan Levin
  • Worldpremiere: Cullberg Ballet
  • 45 min.

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