Johan Inger - Choreographer

Dreamplay 2000


He gives a new perspective to the heavily charged story of the ritualized spring sacrifice, reducing it to a daydream inspired by a fleeting encounter. Then comes a wish-fulfillment dream, an erotic and sometimes aggressive game in which the six dancers occasionally play rough with the inventive set. Inger’s earthy, expressive movements mesh perfectly with Stravinsky’s raw sounds. Continue reading

With “Dreamplay” Johan Inger has created an abstract yet narrative ballet to Stravinsky’s “Le Sacre du Printemps”.

  • Choreography: Johan Inger
  • Set, Costume: Mylla Ek
  • Music: Igor Stravinsky, Sacre de Printemps
  • Worldpremiere: Netherlands Dance Theatre
  • 20 min

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