Johan Inger - Choreographer

Falter 2010


"Falter" describes a world where nothing is constant; a world that appears to be constantly changing shape. Continue reading

Where we are forced to always adjust to the external and internal changes, where we must constantly start anew, be taking off. Where things accelerate until the only point that remains is a resting point.

Through change, conflict, harmony, individuality and that which is in unison, “Falter” is seeking a kind of acceptance.

Falter is dedicated to the choreographer Per Jonsson (1956-1998).

  • Choreography, Set and Costume design: Johan Inger
  • Light: Erik Berglund
  • Music: Alva Noto, Lars Åkerlund, Stefan Levin
  • Worldpremiere: Gothenburg Ballet
  • 45 min

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