Johan Inger - Choreographer

Point of eclipse 2007

Point of eclipse

Being in present was Johan Inger's foundation for "Point of eclipse". He wanted to commit the movement, to be conscious in the body and not a step ahead or on auto pilot. Continue reading

“I wanted to create a feeling of space and to be able to zoom in and out from   these people who delve in to themselves, are absorbed by their inner-self. Busy trying to leave their traces behind. It should feel like you see them from a thousand metres up in the air and in the next minute zoom in and see their processes close up…” - Johan Inger

  • Choreography: Johan Inger
  • Stage Design/Lighting: Jens Sethzman
  • Costume Design: Carolina Armenta and Johan Inger
  • Music: Jean-Louis Huhta
  • Worldpremiere: Cullberg Ballet
  • 70 min

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