Johan Inger - Choreographer

Position of elsewhere 2009

Position of elsewhere

"Position of elsewhere" is the second full-evening work which the choreographer Johan Inger has created directly for Cullberg Ballet. It is a three-part dance performance which carries with it a sort of retrospective of Johan Inger’s five years as Cullberg Ballet’s artistic director. Continue reading

The beginning of the performance is very physical in a nearly manic kind of way.  The point of departure was to conquer and master the space.  The first part is about conquering the room.  In the second part  meetings ensues.  In the third and final part there is a parting.  There, the space will be cleaned out and become pure, ready to be conquered again.

  • Choreography: Johan Inger
  • Stage Design/Lighting: Jens Sethzman
  • Costume Design: Carolina Armenta and Johan Inger
  • Music: Jean-Louis Huhta, JS Bach
  • Worldpremiere: Cullberg Ballet
  • 70 min

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