Johan Inger - Choreographer

Tone Bone Kone 2010

Tone Bone Kone

"Tone Bone Kone" is a collection of short solos accompanied by Arthur Russell's World of Echo. Each part is a tiny story moving in and out from different perspectives of the songs, with their hushed vocals half sung and half whispered. Continue reading

With an explicitly open, passionate and engaging style of movement, the idea is that the performer is in the process of building their own  relationship with the plucked, stroked and struck cello; together as a variation of ambiently spiked vocals, intimately transferred limbs as if each part is a little story that you try but fail to recall.

  • Choreography: Johan Inger
  • Decor and light: Jens Sethzman
  • Costumes: Johan Inger, Carolina Armenta
  • Music: Arthur Russell: from the album World of Echo
  • Worldpremiere: Netherlands Dance Theatre
  • 30 min

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